The European project Change 2 Regard (Change of/your Mind) is a cooperative approach led by four non-profit associations: Collectif T’Cap en France, l’APCC Coimbra Association for Cerebral Paralysis) in Portugal, Farm Nos Pilifs in Belgium and le RIPPH (RIPPH, International Network on the Disability Creation Process)

In its conception and implementation, this project is based on the concept of Modèle de Développement Humain – Processus de Production du Handicap (MDPH-PPH, Human Development Model – Disability Production Process) developed by RIPPH.

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The subjects are open so that everyone can build themselves fully (handicap or not).


The culture part of the European project Change2Regard is currently focusing on access to music. A long work of researches and tests allowed to put forward:

  • The adaptability of many instruments
  • Instrument design, in particular via digital tools.
  • Digital tools


The Human Development Model – Disability Production Process is a conceptual model that aims to document and explain the causes and consequences of disease, trauma and other impairments to the integrity or development of the person.

The model applies to all persons with disabilities, regardless of the cause, nature and severity of their impairments and disabilities.

contributors’ info

The European project Change2regard stands out by the number of actors present around a large-scale project. Beyond the structures, it is indeed women and men who have invested themselves with a common goal:

Change the way people look at disability, in order to promote and open up access to common human rights for disabled people.

The team around the European project Change2Regard is made up of:


Mario Vérissimo, Paulo Jacob (APCC) – Antoine Capet (Brut Pop) – Jade Clérissy, Olivier Raballand (Collectif T’Cap) – Benjamin Durand (L’Atelier Sonore) – Philippine Mahé (L’École de design Nantes Atlantique) – Julie Legrand (Médiation & Accessibilité) – Thierry Joseph (MAH) – Patrick Fougeyrollas (RIPPH) – Sonia Navarro (Stereolux) – David Frabolot, Raphaèle Pilorge (Trempo).


Ludivine Beaussin, Constance Chertier, Sophie Brodu (ADAPEI) – Dominique Langa-Mora, Justine Mana’ch, Eva Dalibert (APAJH Savs) – Dominique Le Berre, Jade Clérissy, Christophe Troger, Olivier Raballand (Collectif T’Cap) – Anita Geflot (Établissement public la Vertonne SAVS) – Julien Baslé, Margaux Bureau, Clémence Séguinot, Angèle Cosyns (l’Étape) – Rémy Viville (Grandir d’un Monde à l’Autre) – Angélica Perdromo – Sabrina Sold – Catherine Bacquet – Géraldine Rihoux – Vincent Picquet (Nos Pilifs) – Patrick Fougeyrollas (RIPPH) – Ginette Rautureau, Pierrette Bernard, Dominique Bernard (proches aidants).


Catalina Badauta – Manon Le Bigue – Jessy Quistrebert – Christophe Troger – Jade Clérissy – Olivier Raballand (Collectif T’Cap)


José Aubry (Agence Radar)