You certainly want to know what we do, why we do it, or who we are.

Simply put.

The European project Change2regard is one mission: give equal rights, as all, to any person with disabilities, regardless disability..

Concretely, we try to make easier the access to common law by facilitating access to information; but also by evaluating environment and lifestyles of people with impairments or disabilities via the Human Development Model. – Disability Creation Process (HDM – INDCP).

And this, in order to give to people with disabilities the opportunity to assert their choices (self-determination) and their place in society (self-representation).


There is no longer any doubt that during recent decades, disability issue has regularly been debated.

That in itself is great. However, these same debates neglect a fundamental point so that undertaken actions really make sense. We can no longer conceive instead of  , but onlywith [people directly concerned].

It’s easy to see what’s going wrong. That’s why we prefer to focus on what more we can bring.

And the least we can do is set the pace so that tomorrow’s world will be a symbol of equality for all.

That is Change2Regard vocation.


The European project Change2regard originated in Collectif T’Cap offices, a Nantes association involved in Disability issue since 2007. 

The 3 main roles of T’Cap Collective:

• Information and guidance role : on the existing offer, for public with or without disabilities.

• Reflection role: setting up surveys, tools and sometimes pilot projects to promote access to everything, for everyone

• Valuing Function of resources and actors of the collective. 

Therefore, Change2regard project naturally broaden the scope of action of the Nantes association.



Our goal, since day one, is to impact by taking meaningful actions. And impact means creating a synergy useful to others. You.

Rather than trying to guess what you want, we prefer to ask you directly, especially through the different projects that make up Change2regard:

It is together, with and without disability, that we move forward.

A voice, yours ! For making our projects meaningful, they have to meet your expectations and needs. This is why we carry out our projects involving people with disabilities, accompanying persons, caregivers as well as medico-social professionals.

It seems obvious. Who, better than you, to express your needs?


Our discussions and actions take place in several stages

1. We assess the environment and lifestyle quality of people with impairments/disabilities via the HDM – INDCP in the form of a questionnaire.

2. From these questionnaires emerge your desires, your needs, your vision. Our team collects these feedbacks, experiences and needs.

3. Then, we try to list and propose appropriate, sustainable and innovative responses and/or solutions that meet your expectations.

4. We give free access to results of our work. Particularly, via this website. So that, everyone can have access to information and innovations existing and / or created during our projects.

We surround ourselves with serious and invested people

The European Change2Regard project is a cooperative approach led by the Collectif T’Cap in France, APCC in Portugal, Nos Pilifs in Belgium and the RIPPH (International Network of the Disability Production Process) in Canada.

Change2regard stands out by the number of actors involved in this large-scale project.

Beyond the structures, there are many women and men, personally engaged for a common goal: To change the way people look at disability to open up access to common law.

To ensure this, we interact with them to ensure that we share the same human values, the same willing for a more inclusive and egalitarian world.

We absolutely want to ensure that everyone fully understands the approach we are undertaking in terms of quality, responsibility, benevolence and durability.


The European Change2regard project demonstrated three realities:

• Many of us want to change things. 

• Our projects have a real impact.

• Together we go further.

Ideas, we have plenty. That is the least we can say. And since there are as many things to improve in our society, we are not going to deny.

Since we haven’t finished changing people’s look on Disability and since we have more than one project on our sleeve, this is just the beginning.