The BrutBox is a digital music device that aims to get easy group musical practice. It has been designed, especially, for groups with disabled people. It is used to produce electronic sounds with a variety of physical gestures and modify audio streams using effects

This project started in 2014 and was developed by a network of partners ( BrutPop , Reso- nance Numérique, 3615 Señor, Jérome Abel and other actors), associated under the name BrutLab .. 

This project come from several practices observed during BrutPop musical workshops in medico-social institutions, aware of the lack of adapted instruments for specific needs related to disabilities.

BrutBox project’s philosophy is structured around “accessibility” concept, declined in several ways. The project emerged from a desire to develop a tool facilitating access to musical practice for people with disabilities facing difficulties in using of other types of tools or instruments. Therefore, The BrutPop controller is designed for ease of use, both in the way of dividing up the information (dissociated sensor boxes each including a single element, rather than a controller filled with keys, buttons, lights, etc.) and in the types of gestures offered. Similarly, the complete device has been designed so that it can be installed and configured by people without any particular knowledge of computer music, whether they are the same people who use it afterwards or not.

This project is developed following open-source computing methods based on free-market and participative culture adopted by various BrutLab’s partners and members who contributed to its development. This project (software and documentation used in the controller manufacture) is deposited by BrutLab under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC license. Therefore, it is freely copyable and editable only for non-commercial use.

You can download the Brutbox manufacturing manual by clicking on the “Download” button below.